The challenges facing in-house data management

A constantly changing data environment

The Growth of "the Cloud"

It can be difficult for businesses to start migration to the Cloud. Making the most of the possibilities of the Cloud and building a sustainable ecosystem require an appropriate strategy and very specific expertise.

Not one technology but many

New tools and technologies are constantly being developed. So much so that it can be difficult for a company to identify those solutions best suited to its needs and to coordinate their use over the long term.

Architectures closely linked to a single technology

More and more architectures designed for a specific technology are now becoming obsolete.

The transition to industrial models

Faced with increasingly rapid changes in business models, companies are struggling to capitalize on their existing solutions when aiming to transform their specific business ecosystems. Industrializing Big Data solutions is no longer an option. It has become a necessity.

Security and governance

New data platforms require a global and transversal model of governance and security in order to manage the heterogeneity of the technical ecosystem and user profiles.

Complex and difficult to scale architectures

With a plethora of technologies, diverse and frequently incompatible solutions, and ever expanding user-bases, companies find themselves with data ecosystems that are too rigid and insufficiently scalable.

Why Scaling Smart?

Solutions that are scalable and production-ready

Scaling Smart can deploy tomorrow’s solutions today, intelligently industrializing your existing systems while keeping a constant eye on quality.

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