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Scaling Smart expertise

Regardless of your sector, the size of your business or the area of expertise on which you wish to contact us, we guarantee all our clients the same level of excellence: ultra-specific support that contains all the essential elements for a smart, scalable and easy to learn data solution.

Indicators and predictions

Big data market facts


Over 70% of enterprises have now migrated at least a few workloads to the public cloud.


By the end of 2022, “containers” will have become an integral part of 85% of companies' AI pipelines.


By 2024, almost all legacy applications migrated to the public Cloud in Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) mode should have been optimized to become more cost-effective.


By 2023, cloud-based AI will have increased 5 fold compared to 2019, making AI one of the leading cloud services.

Gartner, “100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2024”

Vision Data Globale

Global Data Vision

Our holistic approach, established international profile and multi-sector experience (banking, retail, automotive industry, energy, etc.) means we consider your Data ecosystem as a whole. We don’t treat a single element in isolation, instead treating each part as a set of interoperable and interconnected elements that need to evolve together.



Because Scaling Smart is not just a name, we attach great importance to providing our customers with truly industrialized solutions. We are convinced that in a data ecosystem as complex and as rich as the one that currently exists, industrialization represents a major asset for companies.

Expertise technologique

Technological Expertise

Fully certified and certainly never short of ideas, our Scaling Smart team is constantly on standby, ready to offer our clients a varied range of expertise and experience. This mastery of technology assures our customers that we will always be able to offer the most appropriate and modern solutions to their business needs.

Formation et acculturation

Training and acculturation

Adopting a Data-Driven approach goes far beyond the implementation of technological solutions. Scaling Smart supports its customers in developing a real data culture that allows them to drive forward change in the best possible way. Our team talents are real facilitators of change who have both the expertise and the pedagogy to adapt to different contexts and interlocutors.


Our approach

Today it is more challenging than ever for companies to develop data solutions given their complexity and rigidity. Thanks to its original approach, Scaling Smart helps you create innovative data solutions and scale your existing solutions in the smartest possible way.



We work to your specific needs and use-cases, supplying a global solution that’s tailor-made for your business.

Flexibility & Agility

Agility & Flexibility

We build flexible solutions that integrate seamlessly with your changing business needs and future technological developments.

Technology Agnostic

Technology Agnostic

Technology is only the means to an end and it should stay that way! We design our solutions according to your needs and use the most appropriate technologies to meet them.



Done correctly, abstraction can reduce the complexity of your data solutions to a level where you no longer need to pull out the microscope to get work done!

The art of bespoke solutions

Our philosophy is based on listening and an in-depth understanding of your business needs. Moreover, because we do not just work with a catalog of solutions defined in advance, we guarantee you a fresh perspective on each of your needs and can thus offer truly impactful solutions for your business.

Our areas of expertise

Global and cross-functional expertise across the entire data ecosystem

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